Wednesday, November 16, 2016

When You Voted For Donald Trump This Is The Message Your Vote Sent

  • When he mocked a disabled reporter, you're telling everyone it's ok to mock someone for a disability.
  • When he said he sexually assaults women because he's famous you're telling men of all ages it's ok to do that to women.
  • When he makes derogatory comments about different groups of people and appoints a white supremacist to his Government team, you're telling people it's ok to be racist.
  • When he refuses to pay contractors for the work they've done, then has his lawyers inform those people that they might win if they go to court but they'll make it take so long that they'll never see a penny of the money they were're telling businesses to be bullies.
None of these activities are ok! Period! If you haven't noticed it yet, the fact is he's a bully plain and simple. Maybe you voted for him not knowing about these facts, or maybe you didn't see how bad it really is. The truth is more than 60 million citizens voted for a bully. If you were one of them then you need to own up to the message that sends.

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