Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fight or Flight: Where Do We Go From Here?

Recently, my friend Aaron asked me to contribute to a blog with him following the shocking Presidential election results here in the United States. Since both of us are passionate progressives, the election of Donald Trump as President-elect of the United States has hit us pretty hard. It has hit many people in this country - even the world - pretty hard.

Trump was a candidate that embraced the rhetoric of a bigot. He has said nasty things about Mexicans and Muslims. He was proud to brag about being able to sexually assault and harass women. He committed fraud through his "university" and through his foundation and through reneging on payments to employees. He has promised to take away the healthcare of millions of people through the repeal of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. He has installed a climate change denier as the head of his transition team for the EPA, an agency he said he wants to do away with at some point. He picked a VP who is ultra religious and has used that to restrict women's reproductive rights and enact punishing legislation targeted towards the LGBT community while governor of Indiana. He supports "conversion therapy" for gay people. Both he and Trump have expressed the desire to restrict gay marriage and overturn Roe vs Wade. The list could go on...

All of those things and more have sent a chill through all of us who hold progressive values dear. It has many of us scared and dejected. It has some of us, literally, looking to move abroad right now. And, sadly, I have heard of some in the LGBT community who have committed or attempted suicide following the election. Friends of mine have had racist acts committed upon them in the wake of the election.

Sure, stuff like this has been happening well before this election. This country had a very long history of bigotry. But this election has seen a rise in bigotry I don't think many in my generation* and the Millennial generation has seen in our lifetimes while living here (*I'm just outside the Millennial generation yet sometimes lumped in with them). So, understandably, many of us are scared and confused and unsure of where to go from here.

And that is where this blog comes into being. It was an idea of Aaron's as a place to discuss the fears and confusion that this election has brought about in many of us. It is a place to discuss what we do from here. A place to inspire change and to organize and plan on ways to implement that change. I was honored that Aaron asked me to join in this endeavor and I hope to inspire lots of interesting discussion with you readers. Let's not let fear immobilize us! Let's be agents of change for a better future!

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